Veteran Advocacy Committee

Supporting the Needs of Veterans

This committee has provided a collaborative platform from which to review the unique and varied needs of veterans and explore how NKU can become a more Veteran Friendly campus. In addition, the group works to ensure that we have a support network in place to meet the needs of veterans.

NKU is unique in that we continually work together across campus to seek veteran-friendly initiatives that will help our student veterans. To all past and current VAC members, NKU thanks them for their participation and support.

Why We're Here

Our veterans have strong leadership skills and are responsible citizens. Many are the first in their family to go to college. They will become leaders and persons of influence in society.

It is important for NKU to promote GI Bill benefits to our area veterans and for us to do all we can to support the success of these students when they arrive on our campus…..

Committee Goals

  • Work to create campus awareness of issues faced by veterans.
  • Develop programs that support access and success of student veterans and family members.
  • Facilitate dialogue in campus community that directly affects the academic success and well-being of student veterans and families.
  • Provide a forum for student veterans (V.E.T.S.) to give feedback on issues that affect their academic success.
  • Partner with organizations that can assist veterans.
  • Engage the community in the process.


“The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their nation.”

George Washington

Committee Members

Peg Adams, Director, U-CAP

Ben Anderson, Director, Counseling Services

Kathleen Barker, Early Alert Specialist, U-CAP

Vicki Berling, Executive Director, Educational Outreach

John Bickers, Faculty, Chase Law

Cathy Carson, Assistant VP, Facilities Management

Amy Danzo, Director, Testing Services

Deloris Elliott, Clinical Social Worker, DVA-VRCC

Bill Froude, Director, Career Services

Melissa Gorbandt, Director, Admissions – Outreach

Kim Graboskey, Director, Student Account Services

Terry Flannary,  President,  Norse V.E.T.S.

Angela Calhoun, Interim Registrar

Michael Hinckley, Faculty, History & Geography

Jim Hughes, Faculty, Business Informatics

Whitney Kessinger,  Analyst, Institutional Research

Leslie Kyle, Assistant Dean, Haile/U.S. Bank College of Business Advising Center

Jennie Lamothe, Director, New Student Orientation

Bonnie May, Faculty, History & Geography

Thom McGovern, Chair, Visual Arts

Andy Meeks, Director, Business Operations & Aux Svc

Dave Merriss,  Chairman, VAC

Tyler Moore, Professor, LTC, Aerospace Studies — UC AF ROTC  

Susan Mospens, Director, Student Support Services

Ava Nienaber,  Associate Director, Adm Proc Transfer Svc

Edward Norris, MSG, USAF, Reserve Recruiting

Jeanne Pettit, Faculty, First Year Programs

Amy Racke, Assistant Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

Holly Riffe, Professor & Director MSW Program

Kathleen Roberts, Senior Adviser, Unclusive Excellence

Kim Scranage, Vice President, Enrollment and Degree Management

Marilyn Schleyer, Faculty, Advanced Nursing Studies

Arnie Slaughter, Director, University Housing

Leah Stewart, Director, Student Financial Assistance

Rees Storm, Director of Advising, College of Informatics

Robin Estridge, Veterans Certification Coordinator

Evert “Shane” Talbott, Faculty, Health Professions

Jessica Thiede, VITAL (VHACN) Initiative, Program Coordinator

Kim Turner, AVP Student Support & Business Ops

Stephen Meier, Manager of OSCRA

Diane Williams, Director, LA Programs

Nathan Louis, Professor, MAJ (P), Military Science — Xavier Army ROTC

Ryan Padgett, Asst. VP, Enrollment & Student Success